Peru – Nativo: Voyage – Tourism – Peru – Culture – Trekking – Chachapoyas – Kuelap – Gocta
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Peru – Nativo: Voyage – Tourism – Peru – Culture – Trekking – Chachapoyas – Kuelap – Gocta


Complete voyages
The complete voyages have a duration which oscillates between 13 and 18 days. They guarantee to you a total immersion in the Peruvian culture like in the prehispanic universe. While traveling with us, you will be able to pass from the desert to the Amazon while crossing the incredible landscapes of the northern Andes.

The enigmatic world of the Chachapoya  Duration: 15 days/14 nights

In addition to visiting archeological sites and typical villages, this circuit allows you to discover the landscapes of the coast and the mountain forest (cloud forest), thus benefiting from the diversity of the flora and fauna which northern Peru offers. Moreover this circuit includes a 4 days trek, enabling you to travel on the Andean summits..

Trekking adventure, from the Andes to the Amazon   Duration: 18 days/17 nights

This voyage includes 2 treks. The first connects the region of Cajamarca to the one of Chachapoyas. It will make us cross the Marañón and many ecological levels. The second will allow us to discover the cloud forest, life place of the Chachapoya. In addition to these incredible landscapes, at the end of the voyage, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful biodiversity of the Amazonian forest. ..

Panorama of northern Peru     Duration: 14 days/13 nights

This circuit will enable you to pass from the coastal desert to the Ceja of selva. It includes, moreover, a 3 days trek in the cloud forests in the region of Chachapoyas which will lead you to the famous Condors lagoon (or of the mummies). You will be able to discover the important variety of flora and fauna and to visit many archeological sites like Kuelap and Chan Chan.


Thematic voyages
The thematic voyages, combinable with the totality of our catalogues, are centered on three well defined subjects: archaeology, speleology and fishing, mainly trout fishing. They are thus addressed to a passionate public but also to the neophytes curious to know about the three topics approached.

Archaeological voyages

The archaeological voyages offer to you an approach specialized on the various prehispanic cultures of northern Peru. Our circuits cover cultures from the Early Horizon (900 - 200 BC) to the Late Horizon (1470 – 1532 AD).

Voyages dedicated to fishing activities

These voyages will make you discover the watery landscape of northern Peru which is composed of many lagoons and rivers. They are more particularly dedicated to the passionate flyfishing but are also open to all the travelers who wish to enjoy this pastime.

Voyages in the center of the earth

These voyages will make you discover the underground universe of Chachapoya. The whole of the visited caves does not require a special qualification in speleology. They are horizontal caves being able to be easily covered.

Voyages freedom
The voyages freedoms are circuits, with a duration varying between one day and a week, allowing you a first approach of the visited regions. In the same way, you can combine them to organize a longer circuit, a circuit a la carte.

Discovery northern coast
These voyages allow you to discover natural and cultural richness of the northern coast of Peru. They combine the visit of colonial cities with that of museums, archeological sites and nature reserves.
At the origin of Utcubamba

This circuit will enable you to combine trekking and cultural and ecological discoveries. We will visit several archeological sites and typical villages by traversing landscapes out of the common route, like the cataract of Gocta.

Magic Amazon

This voyage will enable you to approach at the nearest the incredible variety of flora and fauna of the Amazonian forest and enjoy the entire enchantments nature can offer.


All our programs can be modified, like the duration, the visited sites, or specific activities carried out, as well as the reservation of the national flights.

Peru – Nativo: Voyage – Tourism – Peru – Culture – Trekking – Chachapoyas – Kuelap – Gocta
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